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May 9

June 13                        July 11

August 8                       September 12

October 10                   November 14 - Annual Meeting - Election of Officers

SEMBA: 6:30 The Buzz | 7:00 Waggle Dance
2nd Thursday each month | Assisi Heights (main South door)

1001 14th St NW, Rochester, MN 55901

Monthly Meeting | May 9 (Auditorium): Rebecca Masterman

Planning Your Beekeeping Year

What goes into planning a successful beekeeping year? From a health management plan to keeping better records, learn about ideas for being prepared to manage whatever challenges your honey bee colonies face during the season


Becky Masterman has led the UMN Bee Squad program since 2013.  She graduated from the UMN Twin Cities first with a BA (major in history, minor in biology) and then obtained a Ph.D. in Entomology under the direction of Dr. Marla Spivak studying honey bee hygienic behavior and neurobiology.  Becky is an Assistant Extension Professor and leads the talented Bee Squad team that provides bee outreach to beekeepers and the public. As the outreach arm of the Bee Lab, the Bee Squad communicates the latest bee research to audiences that are passionate about helping bees.  Bee Squad has expanded their programs to include innovative ways to not just help bees, but also help people. Now Bee Veterans, Bee Arts and projects that train others who might not have had access to beekeeping are part of the Bee Squad. Additionally, the Bee Squad has launched a national beekeeper citizen science project in an effort to fight the deadly mite pest, Varroa destructor. Learn more about bee research and the outreach mission of the Bee Squad at www.beesquad.umn.edu.. 

Monthly Meeting | June 13 (Auditorium): TBD

Monthly Meeting | July 11 (Auditorium): Cathy Shaw

Using & Cleaning the Club Extractor and Cathy's volunteer experience in the Dominican Republic with USAID Farmer-to-Farmer Program

Cathy will go over how to check out the club extractor, how to use it and how to clean it.  She'll also share some details around her experience volunteering in the Dominican Republic with USAID Farmer-to-Farmer program.  

Cathy has been a beekeeper for 15 years, 4 in Minnesota.
She was a founding member of the Bee Wranglers in San Marcos, Texas
where they annually taught beekeeping to Newbies.
Mentored and trained beekeepers in catching swarms and cut-outs and
dealing with Africanized bees.
She also marketed her own honey and honey from others in her retail store in Texas
and at farmer's markets.

Monthly Meeting |August 8 (Auditorium): TBD

Monthly Meeting | September 12 (Spirituality Center): TBD

Monthly Meeting | October 10 (Auditorium): Adrian Quiney

From nucs to honey production and back to nucs

Monthly Meeting | February 14

Thursday | Feb 14th | Assisi Heights (main South door)

1001 14th St NW, Rochester, MN 55901

Come early (6:15 prior to “The Buzz” or 6:45 prior to the main “Waggle Dance”) so we can get you paid and registered. Family membership is still $20 dollars and, as James likes to say, “SEMBA is the cheapest thing you will ever have to buy with beekeeping.”


"Waggle Dance" 6:30 - 7:30

  • James White: Preparing for a year of beekeeping & a better year of beekeeping. James will walk through of a year of beekeeping, starting with what you should be doing now to prepare. The walk through will be followed by an interactive discussion around what we as beekeepers plan to do this year for a better year of beekeeping.


    7:30 to 8: Updates from the Hive & Social: Your queen will provide a few updates for the hive followed by time to chat with other members of the hive.

    Monthly Meeting | March 21 (Earth Room): ​Blane White 

    National Honey Bee Health Survey and Honey Bee Pest Management

    An overview of the National Survey with short discussion of results to date and future direction followed by an overview of diseases and pest of honey bees and some management tips.  The management part will focus on selecting bees to raise queens from that show resistance to both pests and diseases to produce locally adapted resistant stocks.

    Bio: Graduated from Michigan Tech with a BS in biology 1978 MDA State Apiary Inspector 1989 – 2005 Export Certification Official – certify plants and plant protects for export since 2004 Lead worker Animal Damage Compensation program since 1997 (claims for livestock lost to wolves and crop and fence damage from wild elk) Lead contact for all apiary inspection related activities 2012 to present Beekeeper since about 1985 or 1986 actually kept bees for a few years before tracheal and varroa mites. Currently: MN Dept of Agriculture, Plant Protection Div

    Monthly Meeting | April 11 (Spirituality Center): RESCHEDULED TO APRIL 25th

    Round robin - 15 minute presentations on the following (so far)

    Detoxifying the Bees

    Wax Cleanup and Candle Making

    "White Man's Flies"

    Mead Making

    Taranov Splits

    Beekeeping as a Business


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