About Us

The Southeast Minnesota Beekeepers Association (SEMBA) is a group of enthusiasts that meet monthly to promote successful beekeeping in the Southeastern Minnesota area.

SEMBA Mission: To provide members with beekeeping information *and* good ‘sticky’ fun for the whole family! 


Jennifer Grovdal   -- Queen Bee (President) (elected)

Steve Malueg       -- Superseding Queen (Vice President)  (elected)

Cathy Shaw         -- The Honey Pot (Treasurer)  (elected)
Ben Klanlowski     -- Director (expires 2019Nov)
Chris Schad         -- Director (expires 2020Nov)

James White        -- Director (expires 2021Nov)

Superseded Queen Bees (past presidents)
Article II of our By Laws state:

The purpose of this Association shall be:

  • The promotion of scientific and practical beekeeping.

  • The promotion of legislation in the interest of beekeeping and beekeepers.

  • The cultivation of a social and fraternal spirit among beekeepers.

  • The dissemination of information pertaining to bees, honey, beeswax, and pollination.

  • The participation where possible in state programs designed for the betterment of the beekeeping industry.

Rochester, MN

Email: contactsemba@gmail.com